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Keep the cash ON for your properties in Chennai

In Chennai, there are a lot of landlords have invested in more than one property and looking out to generate income from their property. Some rely on this income as the main source, and others as the extra income. Either full source or extra income, it doesn’t matter if the property yields the value of the investment. Many landlords are down and feels unworthy to let their property for the families who causes more damage at the end or end up argument, on the contrary, the option of Paying Guest accommodation though looks highly rewarding end up in more maintenance and issues. If you are one such landlords, confused on what to do further with your properties, think about converting your property to serviced apartments. When it is said serviced apartments again it can be rented out to the above two options, however, don’t think to apply the same formula for the case failed. Hence, while investing your money in converting your property as a serviced apartment, you need to rethink who are eligible to accommodate your property. Consider the below two options, where you can yield more money just with rental option beyond your expectations.

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Expats – It is essential to first know, who are the expats. Expats are the people who come from other countries, to stay here for various reasons like, studies, internships, vacations, meet the friends, or do a research. These expats stay for a limited time that ranges from one week to two years. They don’t mind spending more money, since they expect a safe and good place during their stay to have a pleasant visit. Nowadays, most expats are the students, who stays for some months and leave the country once their task is accomplished. There are many advantages in renting your properties for these expats. The first advantage is they pay higher rent than the families can afford. The second factor is they keep the place clean, and thus, reduce the maintenance charges you need to incur. The final thing is before they leave, they need to fix the next expat for your property or else you don’t need to fully pay their advance back. Thus, with these advantages expats make a perfect choice for your return of investments beyond your threshold expectations in a short-time.

MNC rentals- MNC is simply the multinational company. Nevertheless to mention, Chennai is known for its presence of various multinational companies present across the city. With the presence of such huge number of companies, it is possible for your property to grow faster than these companies do. With increasing employments and other infrastructure developments, have made many individuals to relocate to Chennai and go for shared accommodation. The other way MNC’s rent such decent apartments for their employees and superior officers, to accommodate their stay in a peaceful manner at the company’s expense. The main  advantage is the rent is higher since it is paid by the company. The stay is mostly for short-term and hence, the maintenance looks easier. Finally, it will add value to your property in the future, where you can demand more once you a reputation for your property in terms of safety and amenities.

You may choose to rent out for expat or MNC, it is clear from the above discussion, your investment can grow with either of these options.

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Foundry Group Backs Fashion Inspiration Startup Looklist

Looklist has recently raised a small initiative to build up its inspiration platform mainly for hair and fashion. This sound like a pack of other design new companies, also one of the fundamental reasons individuals uses Pinterest. Yet, author and CEO Shaz Sedighzadeh said there’s truly horrible spot to discover curated pictures and pursuit through them in view of elements like sex, temperature and length.


What is Foundry group all about?

Foundry Group is a funding firm centered on making interests in ahead of schedule stage data innovation, Internet and programming new companies. Our energy is working nearby business visionaries to conceive new advances and to incorporate those innovations with industry-driving organizations. We’re midway situated in Boulder, CO, yet we put resources into organizations crosswise over North America.

Initiative by Looklist

To make this happen, Sedighzadeh said Looklist utilizes a blend of labeling and curation and in addition its own weighting calculation. What’s more, obviously on the off chance that you see something you like, you can spare it; share it or quest for comparable things. Sedighzadeh also asserted that a few clients from the style and hair commercial enterprises are getting to be disappointed with Pinterest’s expanding concentrate on publicizing, detracting from “an immaculate, natural way to deal with design.”Obviously, that is a great deal less demanding to say when you’re an early-stage to startup that isn’t considering too much about funding. Also, to be clear, Sedighzadeh isn’t going to modest far from profiting.Like different other websites highlighting design and way of life items, Looklist has an undeniable association with e-business. The startup’s additionally meeting expectations with attire boutiques and hair salons to make in-store shows.


The subsidizing aggregates $174,000 and originates from Foundry Group (via its AngelList Syndicate). Sedighzadeh said he will utilize the cash to fabricate the group and create iOS applications. In the financing discharge, Foundry Group Managing Director Seth Levine said Looklist is “clearing out an extremely muddled corner of the Internet.”

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Dear landlord – the dos and don’ts for remodels of rental apartment

While visiting a rental property, most of the tenants speak less and their future owner continues to tell about the do’s and don’ts they need to follow if they choose to stay in his apartment. Although it is not a compulsion that only the owner will speak and the tenant just shake his head and listen all the valid and invalid points silently. While you are visiting to an apartment do tell the owner about your likes and dislikes. Also tell them that you too have some priorities that are quite much different as compared to them. Like the things which your future landlord will appreciate and mark them as the best one are long lasting, durable and cheap opposite to his you like the things to be nice overall.


If your future landlord tells you that he might do a bit of work before your move in, this is the great time to share what you want and what you don’t. Ask them to share which types of work they are suppose to do and share your expectations with them as well, regarding the same work. Before you move in to a new apartment tell your landlord about the do’s and don’ts he should follow while brushing up the apartment for you, in this way you and your landlord will work with the mutual understanding that will help you both to make your relationship and stay smoother.

Here is the complete list of do’s and don’ts that you must tell to your landlord:



While you are investing in tiles make sure that it must be something that last longer and look good but it must be something else that linoleum please!

White Paint

May be you like that white paint but I really don’t, and if you are painting it for a long time I am sure your upcoming tenants after me will also don’t love that paint as well. When all the rest colors like beige and cream costs the same as the white paint do try something else.

Dark Grout

No one can keep the white grout looks pristine so it’s better to go with something darker so it will look intentional.

Shower Head & Faucets

If you are not planning to do a bathroom overhaul, you can still update with cheap and easy things, shower head might be a good idea. Similarly, new faucets will make the kitchen or bathroom feel fresher.


Light Fixtures

Make sure while you are fixing the light of my future temporary home don’t use those overhead lights, they are not only just outdated but they are annoying too.


Please remove the carpeting, carpets in rental apartments feels like using someone else’s towel. And don’t invest to put a new one as well, more or less the condition of the new one will also become worst after couple of years. Instead of invest in carpets you can improve something else.

You must tell your landlord all this, not only verbally but even in written, write a proper mail and mention all the things explained above you can also add something else than this if you find it necessary and affordable as landlord point of view.

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How to Recover from Loss in Business- Best Strategies to review

One of the major reasons for setting up a business is to make profits. A businessman never imagines a day when he has bear losses mainly because of lots of hard work and effort had gone into the business that losing is not an option. We all know that tragedy is never comes ringing and when it strikes, it takes everything away. For whatever reason, a tragedy in business can force you to bankruptcy and leaves you emotionally exhausted. Many business commit suicide due to losses in business and inability to bear loans or losses. Here are some of stages of grief which any businessman has to go through during the phase of failure.


  •  Denial- This is a common stage in which every person asks a normal question that why it happened to me and must develop a strategy to defend against this stress.
  • Anger or Blame Game- It is common to feel frustrated, angry over some people or on your own self. Some people also develop a habit of blaming others for committing mistakes.
  • Bargaining- This is that time of period when someone deals with the mind and tries to sort out the things.
  • Depression- This stage is dangerous as person starts feeling discouraged and hopeless.
  • Acceptance- This is mainly about dealing with the situation and living in present, rather than thinking about how things could have panned out.

Business owners which suffer from huge losses in business need to start thinking more flexibility and start living in acceptance of time. They need to sort things out in the stages and try to put things under perspective. They should try to think about why it happened and how the business flattered or failed.

So a businessman must devise a strategy and ways to avoid bankruptcy and initiate recovery process quickly. There should be a backup plan in case your main business strategy fails. Some great people say that there is always something in the defeat. It can help you work through the difficult stages in life and help you attain even more success. It is better to take knowledge from the failure and try to start another business in future and work towards it. Being a businessman, one must prepare a list of what went wrong and how to prevent it in future. This can include following points.

  •  How Business Failed: Try to accumulate the points and know about your business type and clients. Did your process failed or you chose the wrong type of customers? Were your targets achievable? Did you do right type of marketing in business? Did you spend too much? Was your business plan correct or not?
  •  Know about your Mistakes:You must know which mistakes led to these losses in business. Did you test your methods before implementing strategies? What steps could have prevented huge losses?
  •  Plan for the Better Future: If you really want to learn from your mistakes, then you must plan for the future by learning from your previous mistakes. You must also identify the areas which need to be corrected or rectified so that you can turn the tables in future and recover from the losses. A properly designed recovery process is much needed so that you start making profits.

Business is also about making right moves and adopting techniques to avoid losses. First of all you need to give yourself time to heal and sort the feelings, so that you can start fresh and keep your mind straight. Defeat can be a learning experience, so never fear from failure. Instead, try to turn the negative energy into positive and move towards success.

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Questions you Must Ask Before Buying a Property


Buying a real estate property is not like going for grocery shopping. One has to take into consideration a lot of factors before putting in their hard earned money. And we are taking about a lot of money, running in millons. You don’t have to be a financial expert or a legal advisor to buy a property without hassles. You just have to be a diligent buyer with complete knowledge of your financial standing, your negotiation power and the seller’s weak point. Here we have tried to put together a check list of common mistakes people make and you must attempt to avoid. Let us take a look.

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Understand how you can arrange for Finance to Your New Home


While buying a new home can be the most expensive investment of a lifetime, there is also no denying the fact that it is the most exciting purchase that you will ever make for you and your family. While the excitement still lasts, you also need to think about ways in which you must financing for your new home since it a process that can be rather complicated and lead to a lot of stress.

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